Coumadin Prescription Drug


Coumadin Prescription Drug  

Coumadin is a new age drug that has anticoagulant properties. This means that the drug acts as a blood thinner by decreasing the ability of the blood to form clots. It helps by stopping the production of the chemicals required for clotting.

Coumadin is given to patients, who suffer from the likelihood of having heart attacks and strokes. People who have blood clot formation in the veins and arteries also benefit from its use. However, this drug should not be taken without the prescription from a doctor. It is also important to avoid its use during pregnancy since it can harm the fetus. Its ill effects can be miscarriage, still birth, birth defects or uncontrollable bleeding leading to death in the newborn. If taking Coumadin treatment, a woman should use an effective birth control pill to avoid chances of becoming pregnant. The drug should not be taken in combination with any other drug, prescribed or non-prescribed. This can prove to be fatal. If changing doctors, let the new doctor know about Coumadin treatment. Regulating the diet is also necessary. While eating nutritious food is good but sudden dietary changes can trigger unhealthy bodily responses. For example, if vitamin K intake is suddenly increased, the effects of Coumadin will greatly reduce. Always consult the physician before making any changes in your eating habits. Check with him/her about the foods and drinks that you can take. Remember not to drink alcohol when taking Coumadin.

Let your doctor know if you suffer from hemophilia, anemia, stomach ulcer, aneurysm (a permanent cardiac or arterial dilatation usually caused by weakening of the vessel wall), blood clotting or bleeding in the brain and fluid retention around the heart. Also people with kidney and liver disease, high blood pressure, cancer, active thyroid and recent history of a surgery should avoid taking this medicine. It is mandatory that your doctor knows your medical history well. In case he/she prescribes Coumadin in the likelihood of you suffering from one of the above listed diseases, it can prove to very dangerous, even fatal. In the scenario of having being prescribed Coumadin, check with the doctor the right dosage and the side effects that the medicine can cause.


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