Drugs That Help Tinnitus


Drugs That Help Tinnitus  

The word ‘tinnitus’ is derived from a Latin word that means ringing. Today, tinnitus denotes a continual sound in the human ears even in the absence of the source of this sound. There is no actual sound; only a perceived sound.

We all tend to hear a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. However, in patients dealing from tinnitus, these sounds take a mammoth’s shape. People hear clicking, roaring, tunes, beeps, songs, all at a high pitch than can lead to severe headache. Some people hear these voices/sounds continuously while for some it occurs at regular intervals. But doctors don’t like to categorize it as a disease. Rather they tend to treat tinnitus as a symptom that can have any number of causes. These causes can be wax in the ears, presence of a foreign body in the ears, use of medicines like aspirin or allergy of the nose. But this does not mean that tinnitus goes away if the causes are removed. Like any other disease, tinnitus requires dedicated treatment. The treatment works by either increasing the endurance to tinnitus or by reducing its severity. Treatment can also mask tinnitus. These treatments can be administered by themselves or can be used in combination. Medication generally comprises of local anesthetics, vasodilators, vitamin and mineral supplements, antihistamine drugs and minor tranquilizers. These drugs work best when taken along with therapy. Many a times the physicians tend to treat tinnitus with new electronic devices. These devices suppress the sounds heard by the patients by use of other sounds that are made available to the patients. The patients now hear the sounds being played in the background rather than the sounds produced by tinnitus. The devices act as headphones. However, this treatment is feasible for as long as the device (referred to as ‘mask’) is on. Once the mask is removed, the person goes back to hearing tinnitus sounds again. Electrical stimulation, surgery, radiosurgery, have also proved to be helpful remedies to tinnitus. 

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