How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System


How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System ?   

Detection of drugs in the body depends on many factors including the drug been tested for, its last dosage intake and whether the test is being performed soon after the drug intake or after sometime.

Different drugs tend to stay in the body for different periods of time. Only a drug test analysis can reveal the presence of drug in the system. Factors that also influence the detection of a drug are body’s metabolic rate (which is different for different people), the physical well being of a person, and water retention capability of the body and how frequent is the intake of the drug. Drugs can be detected in the body either by performing a urine test or by doing a blood test. A very recent development involves testing the hair for drugs. However, this proves to be very expensive. Most often than not, a simple urine test is all that is required.

In people with high metabolic rate, the drug is expelled faster from the body than in people with slow metabolism. Hence the latter will show use of drugs even if the test is done after a comparatively longer period of time. Ageing also has the similar effects. In people belonging to the older age group, the detection of drugs is much more pronounced over a lengthier period. A person with higher body mass will also show drug in the body long after its use. This is because the increase in body mass causes reduction in metabolic rate. But the metabolic activity slows down when the body isn’t keeping well. This makes the body retain traces of drugs. Hence a person who isn’t keeping well physically will also show presence of drug in the body. On the other hand, frequent usage of a drug makes the body used to it. This way the drug is metabolized faster. So for someone who has been on a drug for sometime or has been taking it too frequently, drug detection will be a problem. The stay period of a drug in the body depends on its chemical composition. For example, Benzodiazepines will stay in the body for a day or three whereas amphetamines can be retained up to four days by the body. 

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