Illegal Drug Names


Illegal Drug Names  

More and more people are turning to drugs as a relief from the stresses and tensions of life. This is a very unfortunate scenario especially since the young generation sees taking illegal drugs as part of the hip culture.

In the olden times some of these drugs were used to treat various diseases. Over a period of time the body’s dependence on them was found. Also was found the effect that the intake of illegal drugs could have on the brain and the physical health of a person. Since then the doctors stopped prescribing these drugs as they could cause harm in the longer run. Many countries have banned these drugs and their cultivation. However, every year tons of some of these illegal drugs are imported and exported. Drug traffickers make millions of money at the cost of innocent lives. People wanting to quit find it difficult to do so because these drugs are highly addictive. Rehabilitation rarely serves by providing relief. A lot of drug addicts go back to taking drugs after showing tremendous improvements in the rehab centers.

Some of these illegal drugs that are being openly sold in the market are:

  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis or marijuana (also known as hashish, pot or weed)
  • Angel dust or Ozone (Phencyclidine or PCP)
  • Steroids
  • LSD (lysergic acid diethyl amide)
  • Ecstasy
  • Amphetamines (commonly called speed or bennies)
  • Cough and cold medicines
  • Crack also called rock
  • GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate)
  • Heroin also known as smack
  • Ketamine hydrochloride which is actually an anesthetic, referred to as Vitamin K in the drug market.
  • Methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.
  • Rohypnol, popularly known as the date rape drug.
  • Inhalants like paint thinners, glues, gasoline and hair spray.


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Illegal Drug Names )
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