What Is The Drug Reminyl Used To Treat


What Is The Drug Reminyl Used To Treat  

Reminyl is galantamine hydrobromide. This is a prescription drug used in the treatment of derangement that is usually accompanied with Alzheimer’s disease.  The drug is also now called as Razadyne.

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have nerve cells that undergo regular decline. These are the cells that are composed of acetylcholine, a chemical substance very important for learning and memory retention. When this chemical reduces, patients tend to remember less and forget more. Typically, an Alzheimer’s disease patient will not remember his last meal, but will be able to describe in detail his/her childhood days. Reminyl works by decreasing the degeneration of cells containing acetylcholine. Once the level of atrophy declines, it increases the content of acetylcholine in the brain. The chemical helps in transferring signal from one nerve end to the other. In its absence, no signals are carried out and hence the brain becomes inactive. Re-release of the chemical starts the transfer of nerve signals again, thus making the brain more responsive to external stimuli. But the effect of Reminyl is known to decrease as the disease advances. Its power on the cells ability to regenerate them considerably reduces. As a result, lesser nerve stimulation is produced in the brain which does not help in regaining much of memory power. Studies are being conducted to combine Reminyl with memantine to increase the former’s abilities as the disease progresses. Memantine is a medicated drug that is useful in treating people suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. The combination has shown good effects. Both medicines together act to produce better results rather than produced by working in isolation. But further tests need to be conducted in order to prove their efficiency completely. One also needs to remember that the drug Reminyl used alone or with memantine, is not a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Rather it is used to help tone down some of the symptoms caused by the disease.

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