How Do Insurance Companies Test For Nicotine


How Do Insurance Companies Test For Nicotine  

Smokers aren’t a favorite with Life insurance companies. Many of them do not like selling insurance to smokers who are unlikely to live a long life. Some companies have even made it mandatory that anyone applying for insurance be tested for presence of nicotine in the body.

For Life insurance company anyone who answers ‘yes’ for having smoked nicotine in any form, or chewed tobacco in the past three years, is a smoker. Even if you have enjoyed only a puff or two of cigars or cigarettes in the three years, you will be considered a smoker. The urine test will of course not show any traces of nicotine in your body, but the insurance companies will not agree. A smoker is required to pay thrice the amount of premium that a non-smoker pays. It is small wonder then that so many people lie on the insurance application forms. Life insurance companies require you to take a urine test and submit the report. This report is closely examined. Many smokers find it easy to tamper with the results since nicotine is broken down by the body in 72 hours. 72 hours of no smoking is a small price to pay for a good insurance. But in case, the companies are able to see through your report, you are given the policy ranking of a smoker. In case they do not, your lie remains undetected, until you die. The doctor shows on his report that you were a smoker. In such a scenario, the company can cancel your policy, even though your death is the result of an accident. If your family decided to contest this, the companies can take as much as ten years to settle the claim. The consolation news for smokers is that there are after all some companies that do offer them policies without any medical test.

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