How Long Can One Withdraw From Nicotine


How Long Can One Withdraw From Nicotine  

Nicotine addiction is almost akin to drug addiction. The body starts craving for nicotine and in case no nicotine product is on hand, the body starts experiencing extreme discomfort.

There are plenty of people who are nicotine addicts and are trying to kick off its habit. However, it is not as easy as one might think. When you take a puff of that unhealthy cigarette, the nicotine in it causes the body to release sugar in the bloodstream. Release of sugar gives a very energetic feeling. It also suppresses hunger. You avoid eating, depriving your body of healthy nutrients. Once the effect of nicotine dies down, you tend to overeat in order to bring back the sugar level in your blood. Thus nicotine harms the body in two ways. And when you want to get rid off nicotine addiction, it becomes difficult because associated with it are unhealthy withdrawal symptoms like low blood sugar, medically termed as hypoglycemia. Typically you would notice moodiness, low levels of energy, acceleration in heart beat, trembling, feeling of nausea, headaches and poor eyesight as some of the obvious indications of nicotine withdrawal. “Quitter’s flu” is the term used for this time period when the body is adjusting itself to deprivation of nicotine.

People who have tried getting rid of dependence on nicotine, have confessed that it is not easy. After years of self control, some have gone back to puffing again. This is mainly because a person thinks if he can kick off the habit once, he can do it again whenever he wants to. People start having misplaced confidence on their self controlling powers. It is important that once you have quit, you stick with your decision. If the urge takes on you, divert your mind by talking to a friend, watching television or any other activity that would require you to concentrate. Start leading a healthy lifestyle. This will signal your body that all is well and it does not require nicotine to keep functioning. Eat food with nutritious value, drink juices, have at least 10 glasses of water everyday, exercise regularly, pick up a sport and devote time to it, spend quality time with your family. But above all remember, once you have taken that first step to recovery from nicotine you have to believe that you will emerge a winner.

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How Long Can One Withdraw From Nicotine )
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