Nicotine Patch And Autism


Nicotine Patch And Autism  

Autism is disorder of the brain wherein the brain does not develop properly. As a result of this meaningful communication including simple social interactions become impossible to perform. Autism usually rears it head before a child turns three.

Currently, there isn’t any treatment available for autism. The only consolation that is offered to parents of these children is the use of therapy. Therapy helps such children and their families by helping increase independence in them. Therapists encourage the children to perform day to day activities on their own without depending on any one. Some children recover after repeated therapy sessions including treatments. There are others who do not respond to the treatments at all.

An increasingly supportive treatment for autistic people is the nicotine patch. It is a medicated patch that is applied onto the skin to release the medicine in the bloodstream. In this case, nicotine is released into the body. Normally, a nicotine patch is used by smokers to quit smoking. This patch was first made use of in the early 1990s. Today, a nicotine patch is being used to treat diseases like autism and schizophrenia. Applying this patch to autistic children helps them develop the ability of focus. Children suffering from autism have no control over their actions and have a very short attention span. As a result of this, any treatment or therapy for them becomes difficult to administer. Small dosage of nicotine can make them understand and appreciate the world around them better. Therapists and doctors also find it relatively easier making them respond to treatment sessions. With nicotine in their bloodstream, the children do find it easier to focus than before. Data has also revealed that people being treated without the patch for various diseases like autism, Parkinson’s disease, etc. are more susceptible to fall prey to smoking. Smoking works like a nicotine patch in these patients. Ironically enough, in patients using the nicotine patch for treatment, it works by keeping them away from smoking!

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