Nicotine Patches Do They Work


Nicotine Patches Do They Work  

Nicotine patches are used to treat smokers who have quit but are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. They work by releasing small amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream.

The patch is an adhesive bandage with two rings, one on the outer side, and one on the inner. The ring on the outer side helps the patch stick on to the skin, while the inner ring is coated with nicotine that it slowly releases into the body. The nicotine in the patch takes almost three hours to cross all the layers present in the skin. Nicotine released by smoking, quickly finds its way into the body. Using a nicotine patch for treatment is called Nicotine Replacement Therapy. For people who have quit smoking or want to quit, it works by reducing the effects of the withdrawal symptoms experienced. These symptoms make it difficult for a person to quit altogether. A nicotine patch is easy to apply. It can be put on any part of the body that is clean, dry and hairless. Majority prefer wearing it on arm or shoulder. But some also wear it on legs and thighs. This is also fine as long as the patch isn’t put on the same place again. Allergic reaction to these patches is rare and they do not harm the skin.  

Using nicotine patches is a very personal thing. A lot of ex-smokers recommend them and swear that they work in the best interests of those trying to leave smoking. Many people prefer wearing them when they kick off the habit of smoking. Withdrawal symptoms can shake the foundations of even the strongest of quitters. They can make a person go back to smoking because of the miserable feeling they leave a quitter with. In such a case, nicotine patch (that also has antidepressants) can be of great help. Combined with therapy sessions they work wonderfully in helping many deal with the side effects of quitting.

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