Nicotine Withdrawl For Newborn Baby


Nicotine Withdrawl For Newborn Baby  

It might sound surprising to some, but it is a fact. Latest studies show that newborn babies born to smoker mothers also experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms.  Levels of neonatal stress in these babies are much higher compared to babies of non-smoker mothers.

Observations were carried out to study the effects that smoking had on newborns. These studies revealed that pregnant women who smoked 6 to 7 cigarettes every day had babies who did not respond well to visual and physical stimulations. Also they were more stressed out and displayed imbalance of the central nervous system and digestive system. These babies were also less likely to be controlled in situations demanding careful handling. The babies reacted in a manner similar to babies of women who used crack cocaine or heroine during their pregnancy. The number of cigarettes a woman smoked everyday was directly proportional to the stress in the baby. Low frequency of smoking also resulted in babies being born with different behavioral patterns. The effect of casual smoking in these babies was found to be the same as produced by intake of illegal drugs. The research clearly points to a neonatal withdrawal from nicotine. Researchers also claim that though nicotine is a legal drug, it produces the same aftermaths as an illegal drug would.

These findings have greatly disturbed the medical world because nowadays the focus is on the health of a mother and her baby. According to statistics, only one in four women give up on smoking during pregnancy. And around 80% go back to smoking within a year of giving birth or immediately after. This again is not good news. Nursing mothers ought to stay away from prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. Women need to be made aware of the effects that smoking can have on their babies. It is especially very important as there is more number of women who tend to smoke during pregnancy than take illegal drugs

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