Physical And Psychological Effects On Nicotine


Physical And Psychological Effects On Nicotine  

Nicotine addiction is hard to get rid off. Ask people who have been trying for years to do that. And those that have done don’t have pleasant tales to tell. This is because discontinuing nicotine in the cigarette form or in the form of tobacco has its side effects.

Nicotine is absorbed in the blood when one smokes or chews tobacco. This blood circulates in various parts of the body, including the brain. Once nicotine reaches the brain, it works by releasing adrenalin and some other hormones into the blood. When nicotine reaches the brain, the smokers experience a very pleasurable feeling. The feeling of pleasure is because of a chemical substance called Dopamine. In people used to smoking, Dopamine takes longer to metabolize. Hence a smoker is left with ‘feeling good’ for a longer time. The adrenalin rush in the body also results in high blood pressure and increased heart rate. It causes release of the stored body glucose into the body. This glucose gives a false feeling of high energy levels. It makes the smokers less hungry since nicotine suppresses insulin production. Once the effects of nicotine disappear, extreme hunger takes over. A person will tend to over eat at these times. Regular use of nicotine makes the body dependent on it mainly due to the false feel good factor that one undergoes through.

Psychological effects of smoking vary from person to person. Even someone with a strong will power is bound to think that smoking can take away all his/her tensions. An over confident person is used to thinking that he/she can quit whenever they want to. With this feeling they continue with their smoking spree. However, once they decide to quit, it takes them a lot of effort. This is due to the dependency that they have harbored on nicotine for so long. The brain has become used to the adrenalin kick that nicotine provides. It starts believing that the body cannot function well without consuming nicotine. Hence it becomes difficult to quit. Combined with the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, the body sends a signal to the brain that survival without nicotine is impossible. There are many cases where people have gone back to smoking years after quitting. This is mainly because of the physiological effects that smoking has.


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Physical And Psychological Effects On Nicotine )
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