Sore Mouth From Nicotine Withdrawal


Sore Mouth From Nicotine Withdrawal  

People who quit smoking experience ill physical health. This is called as nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The first few weeks are the toughest since the body is adjusting itself to survive without the consumption of nicotine.

These withdrawal symptoms are just a passing phase. Within a matter of six months the body completely lets go off its dependence on nicotine. After this the ex-smokers have a relatively easy time if they also develop habits of healthy living. The first few weeks are the most important phase after quitting. If one survives this phase then there is no going back. However, not many people are able to. The physical ill effects that come with it make many people return to their smoking ways. Symptoms of withdrawal include nausea, headaches, anxiety, jittery feelings, numbness or tingling in hands and feet, severe coughing, problems in breathing, moodiness, confusion and irritability with little things, depression with the feeling of having lost a close one and sore throat. Since the body’s reliance on nicotine has been to a great extent, these problems occur when it is deprived of the substance.

These symptoms needn’t put one into a quandary. It is after all the body making adjustments. They should be taken as a positive sign that the body is adapting itself to survive without the use of nicotine. The uncomfortable feelings all pass away with time. And while they last there are ways of treating them. Dry and sore throat is one of the classic signs of nicotine withdrawal. It means that the body is finally disposing off the mucous that had collected in the throat and nasal passage. This mucus had previously caused difficulty in breathing. But the sore throat feeling and the resulting coughing can be taken care of by intake of plenty of fluids. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. Keeping the throat moist by sucking on lozenges can also help alleviate the symptom that is not likely to last more than a week.

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Sore Mouth From Nicotine Withdrawal )
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