What Animal Does Pepperoni Come From ?  

Pepperoni is a type of salami that is spicy. If you are interested in this delicious sausage, then you might be wondering what animal does pepperoni come from. Pepperoni actually comes from two animals and not one. It is made from a mixture of pork and beef. The pork part used in making a pepperoni is cured.

The salami is actually a type of Italian American sausage. It is similar to some of the salamis that are eaten in southern part of Italy, like the salisiccia Napoletana piccante, which is a spicy sausage that is dry to taste and available in Naples, or the soppressata that is eaten in Calabria.

In any pizzeria, pepperoni is invariably used as a topping for pizza. At times, it is also used an ingredient in a sub sandwich.

If you are visiting the US and are looking for a spicy sausage, then you would have to ask for a pepperoni. However, if you are visiting Italy, the same sausage is known as salame piccante. In fact, the word pepperoni comes from an Italian word that means capsicum. It is the plural form of peperone which is peperoni.

The red color of the sausage comes from paprika and not Cayenne pepper. There are many different types of pepperoni, and the spiciness varies with some extremely hot, while others are slight mild. Nonetheless, it can be said that all types of pepperoni are spicy and hot.

So now you know what animal(s) pepperoni comes from, you can sit back and relish your stick of pepperoni.

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What Animal Does Pepperoni Come From




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