What Is The Biggest Animal In The World ?

What Is The Biggest Animal In The World ?

The world is filled with animals of varying sizes and dimensions. In fact, the mysterious world of animals is quite similar to humans. Just like humans, there are some animals that are bigger and heavier than others. At this point you might be wondering what is the biggest animal in the world.

You might think it is an elephant. However, you would be mistaken. An elephant does not come close to the biggest animal in the world. So, have you given up? Okay, here it is. The biggest animal in the world is the blue whale.

Although the blue whale lives in the ocean, it is a mammal. This means that it gives birth to its offspring and then nourishes it by way of milk. The blue whale is really huge in size. If you measure it from tail to head, it would be around seventy-five feet to hundred feet in length, and it would weight a massive 150 tons. The weight of a blue whale is comparable to around twenty-four elephants. This huge animal also needs a huge heart to pump blood. So, it should not come as a surprise that the heart is around the size of a car.

According to some animal experts, if the tongue of a blue whale it stretched out, around fifty humans can easily stand on it.

If you are one of those who guessed that the elephant is the biggest animal in world, do not be disheartened. In fact, the African bush elephant has the distinction of being the biggest land-based animal. The male of the species is around thirteen feet tall when it becomes fully mature, and it is around twenty feet in length. The elephant weighs around seven to eight tons. However, when you compare a blue whale and an African bush elephant, the elephant is as big as a baby whale.

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What Is The Biggest Animal In The World