Where Do Grizzly Bears Live ?  

The grizzly bears are mainly natives of North America. They are found mainly in Alaska, but can be found in Wyoming, Alabama, Montana and Washington. Grizzly bears live in all kinds of landscapes and habitats. They can live in open spaces like meadows, valleys, mountains, heavily wooded areas and also deep in the jungles. Because of their thick coats the grizzly bears can also live in icy regions. The bears are easily adaptable to newer environments.

However, grizzly bears are solitary animals and do not usually live in groups. Each bear can occupy a huge territory. They like to live in areas where there is plenty of food available. Grizzly ears like to eat fruits and berries that are available in the wild. They also love climbing trees, so they make sure they live in a habitat which has several plants and also trees. Bears are also very good swimmers and they live in areas where there is water.

In winters, the bears hibernate and they do not eat all that much. They look for caves and dens to live in. The grizzlies, if they do not find a cave to live in, then they will make one for themselves. They will dig with their sharp claws and make a tunnel like enclosure and build something that is good enough to fit them in. The bears hardly eat during the winter months and they spend almost all of their time in solitude and sleeping. They enjoy sleeping at that time.

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Where Do Grizzly Bears Live ?




Grizzly-Bear-Facts      The grizzly bear is a subspecies of the North American brown bear. The males of the species are especially gigantic in size. The females are much lesser in size. Grizzly bear can be seen predominantly at the fishing spots in Alaska. They are used to extreme temperatures and their thick fur coat helps them survive the cold easily. Grizzly bear can live in any kind of habitat and it chooses a wide variety of landscapes to live in. They live in valleys, mountain ranges, meadows, snow-covered and ice covered mountaintops and much more. More..




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Where Do Grizzly Bears Live ? )
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