Are Koala Bears Dangerous ?  

For most people koala bear is a living version of a teddy bear. However, in realty it is not really that cute unfortunately. Koalas look very cute and there is no doubt about that. Koalas have thick grey fur and a huge leathery nose. They have no tail and they have white stomachs.

Koalas have extremely sharp teeth and claws. Their claws help them grip the branches firmly without falling off. They have the strength of an ice pick, for example. The koalas have a padded bottom, so that they can sit high perched on trees for long periods of time.

Koalas are one of the smallest bears known to mankind. They just weigh about 15 to 30 pounds when they are fully grown. The female of the species have a pouch which they use to carry their young ones around.

Koalas are mainly inhabitants of Eastern Australia. They love the eucalyptus trees so spend most of the time on top of these trees and sleeping here. They love the heat and since the eucalyptus trees are so huge and it is high and dry there they like to live there. In fact, it is very difficult to spot a koala bear in the wild since they are so high up most of the time.

Koala bears can be very fierce and they can attack people on occasions. Therefore, it can be said that koala bears are dangerous. However, these are the endangered species and it is very difficult to find them in the first place.

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Are Koala Bears Dangerous ?




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Are Koala Bears Dangerous ? )
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