How Do Pandas Care For Their Young ?  

The giant panda is full pink at the time of birth. They are as tiny as a mouse and for a long time they remain pink. They have a very light coat of white hair. The giant pandas are not really giants at the time of birth. Instead they are quite tiny. So, the mother panda is extremely protective of its young because they can be easily carried away by birds and other predators.

After about a week, the baby panda starts developing its own color and their body also starts to darken. The color of the panda helps to camouflage it in the snow and rocky background. The baby panda opens its eyes only after it is one month old and until then the mother panda carries them around everywhere she goes. The baby panda stays with the mother until it is 3 years old. Even after that the baby pandas continue living with their own family, but they are capable of taking care of themselves after they are 3 years old.

When the pandas are small they are susceptible of falling prey to the snow leopard and other cats. Also, human beings can kill them if they spot them as they cannot run very fast. The giant panda is known for its high motherly instincts and cares for its young ones very intensively. The pandas are an endangered species and there are less than one thousand of them left in this world. They top the list for conservation and there is no other species that is closely related to panda.

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How Do Pandas Care For Their Young ?




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How Do Pandas Care For Their Young ? )
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