What Does A Panda Eat ?  

One of the main foods of the panda is bamboo. The pandas depend heavily on bamboo to survive. It is the clearing of the bamboo forests in china that caused the pandas move more into the rain forests and jungles. The giant pandas have extremely strong jaws and teeth that help them to chew the bamboo shoots. The pandas can eat more than 20 kilograms of bamboo in one single day.

They are as big as an American black bear in size. Each adult panda can weigh up to 500 pounds. The panda mainly depends on vegetarian food and can digest large amounts bamboo in a single day. They spend nearly 14 hours in a day eating bamboo. Also, fortunately for them, there is abundant bamboo in the rain forests. Many people think that the pandas are herbivores and by choice they eat only leaves and bamboo. However, sometimes, the panda was also found eating carcasses of dead animals. So that classifies the panda into carnivorous animal also. However, unlike other carnivores the panda was never found hunting. Only if it finds a dead animal, will the panda feed on the carcass.

In captivity, the pandas are, however, fed only bamboo in the zoo. The giant panda is known for its huge appetite.

Right now the pandas live only in deep forests of China and they are very difficult to be spitted. There are very few of them left and the numbers have been falling consistently. Despite the conservation efforts that are being undertaken, the pandas still are being killed human beings.

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What Does A Panda Eat ?




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