What Color Is A Polar Bear Skin ?  

Polar bears live in the extreme north in the Arctic region, and they are well adapted to live in this extreme weather and the landscape. The polar bear is completely white in color and has a thick coat of white fur all over its body. This bear is completely covered with fur except on the nose.

They are one of the largest meat eaters living on land. The polar bear has thick layers of skin underneath the fur covering its body. So they are well adapted to withstand the extreme cold temperatures of the Arctic Circle or the North Pole.

The average height of a male polar bear can be 8.5 feet and a female can be 6.5 feet. The male can weigh up to 1,800 pounds and the female can weigh up to 1200 pounds. They are actually off white in color and they have black nose, eyes and paws. The polar bears are extremely cute looking animals and they are also extremely aggressive.

The skin of the polar bear is really black. However, it has adapted to the white snow with is white fur. The black skin helps the polar bear to absorb as much as heat possible in a day and the skin stores the heat for the polar bear for winters when there is not much sunlight.

Polar bears are excellent swimmers and they can even swim under ice without effort. The polar bear feeds on whales, seals and walrus and other kinds of fish. The hunt seals by following them under water they can also break the ice and make a hole to follow their prey.

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What Color Is A Polar Bear Skin ?




What-Do-Polar-Bears-Eat      The polar bears are the biggest land animals on earth. They eat huge amounts of food to survive. The polar bear is a carnivorous animal and needs large quantity of meat to survive. They need a lot of fat which is found in mammals and also have excessive need of calorie intake. They love to eat seals, which are their energy food and are also very good for growing cubs and the mother bears. So, the polar bears mainly hunt seals. More..




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What Color Is A Polar Bear Skin ? )
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