Bird Identification By Color

Bird Identification By Color

Birds come in different colors and hues. In fact, different types of birds display different colors of features, and this is one feature that makes them really attractive. This is one of the reasons why so many beautifully colored birds end up in cages all over the world.

However, the beautifully colored feathers and beaks of the birds are not just for making them attractive. The colors are also used to identify birds.

Colors play a major role when it comes to birds. The vibrant colors help to protect birds from predators, color makes the birds attractive to their mates, and also it helps to keep away intruders.

Usually when it comes to identifying birds by color, it makes a huge difference. For instance, the genders are separated by color. The best example of this is the peacock. The cock is vibrantly colored, while the hen is not. The same is also true for most of the birds. If you look around at the birds, you will realize that the male is always more brilliantly colored and attractive than the female.

Many bird watchers use color to identify different species of birds. However, this takes careful observation and jotting down details of the color of the feathers, any patterns on the feathers and the color of the beaks. These are then correlated to the various books and allow bird watchers to make a match and get to know the various birds in the wilderness.

When it comes to bird identification by color, even the color of the eggs laid by birds play a role. Different species lay different colored eggs. For instance, ducks are known to lay pale-colored eggs, while sea birds lay eggs with different patterns. So, looking at the color and the design on the egg shell, one can figure out the species of the bird.

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Bird Identification By Color