Birds Of Tropical Rainforests  

Tropical rainforests are present in Asia, Africa, Australia, Central America and South America. These forests are characterized by thick plantation, humid and warm weather and extremely heavy rainfall. Because of the features of tropical rainforests, they provide perfect dwelling places for various animals, birds and also plants.

The forests have always attracted naturalists, birdwatchers, zoologists and animal lovers. While many mysteries of the tropical rainforests still need to be discovered, the birds living in these forests have always attracted a fair amount of talk and attention.

Some of the beautiful and vibrant birds of tropical rainforests include the following:

  • One of the birds inhabiting tropical rainforests is the parrot. There are over three hundred and fifteen different species of parrots found in these forests. They live on wild fruits, wild nuts, seeds and also some vegetables that grow wild on the forest floor. Some of the parrots that you can see in a tropical rainforest include the different colored macaws and the African gray.
  • The hornbill is another bird that is in abundance in tropical rainforests. They survive by eating wild fruits, insects, ants and smaller creatures. The different species of hornbill that you can spot in a rainforest include the Indian hornbill, oriental pied hornbill, African pied hornbill and the crowned hornbill.
  • There around ninety species of the bright and small kingfisher in tropical rainforests. They survive by catching and consuming fish. Some of the species that are common seen in tropical rainforests are the buff breasted paradise, little kingfisher and forest kingfisher.
  • Cassowary is another bird that is caught attention of birdwatchers. This is a large bird that cannot fly. It can be found in the rainforests in New Guinea. It looks very much like the emu and the ostrich, but is considered a rare specie. The bird survives by eating wild fruits, insects, tubers and seeds.

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Birds Of Tropical Rainforests




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