Types Of Chickens

Types Of Chickens

Chicken is a very popular domesticated bird found primarily in tropical regions. It is also a favorite among non-vegetarians who cook tasty dishes with the eggs and meat.

Chickens are broadly categorized into three kinds of breeds

  • Pure chicken breeds
  • Hybrid chicken that lay eggs
  • Mixed hybrid varieties.

While some chicken breeds are raised for their eggs, others are popular for their meat. Some breeds are grown for both eggs and meat. Egg-laying chicken have small bodies and hence, they do not have much meat in them. Meat is obtained from hybrid chicken breeds where they have larger body masses.

Some of the popular breeds are listed below

  • Rhode Island Red: Weighing around 6.5 – 8.5 pounds, these breeds can be further categorized as rose comb and single comb. The egg shell is brown in color and their skin is yellow. They are raised for both meat and egg.
  • Langshan: Weighing between 7.5 – 9.5 pounds, this energetic and highly active chicken breed is popular for their meat that is usually roasted. The egg shell is brown in color.
  • Dorking: Popular for the meat, this short legged chicken with its rectangular body weighs around 6 pounds. The eggshell and the skin is white in colour.
  • Cornish: Widely used in the broiler industry, this yellow coloured chicken with its muscled body is popular for its meat. The egg color is brown and they weigh about 10 pounds.

Other popular chicken breed names include Aseel, Araucana, Baheij, Brahmas, Catalana, Cochin and Campine.

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Types Of Chickens