How Do Cockatiels Mate ?

How Do Cockatiels Mate ?

Cockatiels make great pets because they are extremely social and easily forge bonds with their owners. Also, they are easier to rear than other parrots. Usually people who have cockatiels as pets claim that the birds become a part of the family. At some point or the other, many owners decide to get a mate for their bird and that is why it is important to known How Do Cockatiels Mate ?.

Usually when cockatiels mate, they produce anywhere between 2 eggs to 8 eggs each time. When you get a mate for your bird, it will take some time for the two cockatiels to get to know each other and forge a bond. They will do this by preening and snuggling up together. However, this will take time and be prepared for the initial stress that your cockatiel will have when you introduce the mate.

The male cockatiel will first try to woo the female. This is the courtship period and involves a lot of screaming, screeching and chirping. This is basically to attract the attention of the female. Also, you will see the male strutting around or pecking at the perch or cage. He may also keep walking in and out of the nestbox. Once the female cockatiel is impressed by the male, she will crouch down. This is her way of showing that she is ready for mating. The male will then mount the female and flick his tail from one side to another until he is in the correct position to commence the copulation. The copulation takes just a few seconds, and once it is over, the male will dismount while the female will preen herself.

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How Do Cockatiels Mate