Symbolism Of Mourning Doves  

Mourning Doves get their name because of the distinct melancholic “woo-oo-oo” sound that evokes the feeling of misery owing to the loss of a dear one. However, the symbol of mourning doves is spiritual as well as optimistic. Though the sound of this bird is sorrowful, it symbolizes peace, renewal and hope in a refreshing life.

Found in huge number in the North American countries, these birds are often hunted for sport or meat. Unlike many other birds that sip water, these doves dip their beaks and suck water. They move about gracefully with their pointed tails. These birds are monogamous; the mating partners stay together for a lifetime and rear their young ones with incredible devotion. They make good parents and protect their offspring with care.

Mourning doves have multiple references in Bible. This bird is considered as The Holy Spirit that descended on Jesus when he emerged from water. In the story of Noah’s Ark where huge floods destroyed people and property, the dove returned with an olive branch when the floods have died down to convey the message that it was safe to venture out. Hence, the symbol of the dove with a twig signifies hope, reassurance and peace.

Michigan and Wisconsin states consider these birds as a symbol of peace. Even the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso has used the dove’s symbol to represent peace in the World Peace Congress that was held in the year 1949. In addition, these birds also depict solidarity and concord due to their dedicated maternal nature.

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Symbolism Of Mourning Doves




Types-Of-Doves      Doves belong to the Columbidae family, and are considered as the universal symbol of peace.
About 300 species of dove exist around the world out of which 9 different species are found in the US. More..




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