What Do Doves Eat ?  

Wild doves primarily consume fruits, vegetables, shoots, green leaves, seeds, berries, small insects and spiders. While the seed eating birds predominantly belong to the Columbinae family, the fruit eaters are a part of another subfamily named Treroninae. Generally, doves from the Columbinae family are domesticated as the fruit eaters are difficult to maintain.

Seed eating birds can be further divided into 3 categories. While some feed only on shrubs, the second category feeds only on trees. The third category is the ground feeders. There is also the flexible variety of species that can feed in the ground as well as on plants.

People who have dove as pets can buy the commercial dove mix that is available in the stores. You can also additionally feed these birds with greens that are rich in minerals. Some of the suggested greens include chickweed, lettuce, watercress, clover, spinach and endive. Pear, apple and berries are some fruits that doves commonly eat. Millet spray is generally liked by the smaller birds.

Commercial dove food can be made of only seeds or formulated mixes containing either extruded seeds or pellets. Cereals, legumes and seed mixes are also available. However, additional vegetables and fruits are recommended as supplements to ensure adequate nourishment for the pets.

Some of the commercial dove food can result in the pet passing loose stools due to molasses content in the food. Hence, ensure that the diet is suitable for your bird before continuously administering it. Recommended food supplements include dog biscuits soaked in water, bread soaked in water or bilk, grit and bird crumbles.

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What Do Doves Eat ?




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