How Long Do Finches Live For ?

How Long Do Finches Live For ?

Finches are amazing birds to have as pets. They require very little maintenance work and are less noisy when compared to parrots or other birds. Give them their personal space and freedom, and they will be make wonderful pets.

With several finches being bred in captivity, you have several types of birds to choose from. These birds prefer to be left alone and love playing with other finches. So buying a couple of finches or more could be just perfect for your pet.

You can also choose between finches of different sizes. Based on the amount of space you have at home, you can buy a suitable number of finches. Different species are colored differently. They can be as small as three inches while others can be as big as eight inches long. With a life span of five to ten years, maintaining a clean and hygienic is a must for their survival.

Maintain the cages in a sanitized condition. Periodic cleaning with water is compulsory. Make sure the food you provide is absolutely clean without any contamination. Finches are easily prone to diseases so hygiene and cleanliness is a must.

So what do you feed your finches with? You can feed a commercial seed mixture which is available any pets’ food store. They do not eat too much. Generally a teaspoon of seed mixture is sufficient for an entire day. However, they need more quantity during winter seasons and while they molt.

Finches are lovely pets to have but remember that taking good care plays a crucial role in their survival.

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How Long Do Finches Live For ?