How Many Eggs To Finches Lay ?  

The male and female finches are ready to breed when they are eight months old. It is very difficult to differentiate between male and female finches. Males can only be distinguished by their singing habits which they use to attract females. Some finches can easily breed in isolation while other finches would need numerous birds around for breeding.

These lovely birds generally breed during spring season. So if you have a pet finch at home, remember that by the time they are a year old, they are ready to breed. You should pay special attention and care to their nutritional requirements during the breeding stage. An increase in protein content is crucial for females to lay strong shelled eggs. Proteins also help finches lay eggs with a lot of ease. Calcium, and vitamins A and D is also necessary.

Different finches use different materials to build a nest. Some may like to build a nest with grasses, feathers leaves, etc. while others would like to have a nest made up of soft wood shavings. A finch can lay two to ten eggs at a time. The female finch will sit on the eggs to provide warmth. The eggs are generally ready to hatch in twelve to sixteen days. The mothers wean their babies for quite a few months before letting them eat independently.

The Zebra and Society finches are the easiest species to breed. Their strong motherly instinct makes them take care of eggs and babies of other finch species too.

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How Many Eggs To Finches Lay ?




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How Many Eggs To Finches Lay ? )
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