How To Care For Baby Finches ?  

Have you just found a baby finch lying around? Whether you have been gifted with a baby finch or you have found a wild baby finch around, taking care of it is very risky and difficult.

Remember that domestic fiches and wild finches require different feeding techniques and maintenance. Different stages of baby finches require different feeds. For example, a just born finch has different dietary requirements when compared to those that are ready to fly.

Feeding baby finches with an appropriate seed mixture could be ideal. You can get these ready made seed mixtures in numerous pet stores. Feed them at regular intervals. If you are not too sure when your baby finch is hungry, just observe the crop which is located near its neck. Once the crop looks flat or does not look fluffy or puffed up, its time to feed your baby finch.

Finches love bugs. Mash up small bugs, mix them with the seed mixture and sufficient quantities of water and feed your baby finch at regular intervals. Bugs and insects provide finches with the proteins they require for growth and development. Remember to give water; generally a drop or two will suffice.

Keep the finches warm and cozy. Provide them a nice cozy cage which can insulate the birds and keep the heat. Make sure the temperature does not become too hot inside. The temperature generally drops by a degree or two at night times, so take special care to make sure baby finches do not feel too cold.

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How To Care For Baby Finches ?




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How To Care For Baby Finches ? )
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