What Do Finches Eat ?  

Ever wondered what finches like to eat? If you are planning to buy a finch and raise it as a pet, remember that nutrition plays a critical role in its well being. Hygiene and sanitation also play a crucial role in increasing its life span.

Finches love seeds. Wild finches eat insects and bugs in dry seasons when seeds are not easily available. If you are raising finches as a pet, you can always feed them ready made seed mixtures that are available in pet stores. Make sure you feed fresh seeds and keep it in a hygienic clean condition. Finches do not have a great immune system and are easily prone to diseases. Sanitation and hygiene is a must.

Finches have a habit of eating selectively. They are choosy eaters. They might end up eating only one or two kinds of seeds and leave the rest. This leads to under nutrition and can significantly interfere with their growth and development. It is advisable to mash small bugs or insects along with the seed mixture and feed your finches with this mashed product. You can also include greens, other vegetables and fruits along with the mashed seeds. Again remember to wash and cut the veggies into small pieces to prevent any type of microbial contamination. Dairy and egg products can also be given in moderation.

Finches will complete their food if you give them small quantities at regular intervals. Avoid giving monotonous foods. Mix up different types of foods. Variety is necessary.

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What Do Finches Eat ?




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