When Do Finches Nest ?  

The sudden change in behavior and attitude of finches as they grow old is a sign of adulthood. Their sudden behavioral changes with increased aggression will tell you that they are ready for mating. This is characterized by their loud sounds which they make towards the opposite sex to attract attention and also create a territory of their own.

If the male is successful in finding a partner, it proudly shows off by singing and dancing around. If the female is equally interested, she will lift up her tail and fan it around to show her acceptance. After the mating process is completed, the pair goes in search of a suitable place to nest.

During this period, females become very demanding and ask for food from their male partners. The male obliges and feed the female by a process called or regurgitation. Males are also responsible for bringing in the necessary materials for building a nest. The female is deeply involved in building the nest. Defending their territory and their female partners is a primary concern for the male finches. They can get extremely aggressive while trying to protect their family and territory.

Finches generally build a nest with grass pieces, chips of a bark, feathers, bunch of rafia, etc. The female then lays her eggs. Keeping the eggs warm throughout the incubation is the mother’s to priority. Once the eggs are hatched, these youngsters are weaned at a very young age. They are forced to live independently as soon as the parents are ready to breed again. This might involve some aggression and infighting amongst the parents and their offspring but is considered normal.

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When Do Finches Nest ?




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