How To Train A Parakeet ?

How To Train A Parakeet ?

Parakeets are very intelligent and smart birds even though they are small in size. Many people think that parakeets cannot be taught tricks. However, you can teach a parakeet a lot of tricks if you know how to train it. Be prepared to spend some time and effort in the training otherwise you will not accomplish what you set out to do.

The best way to begin training a parakeet is through target training. Take a chopstick or skewer that you have lying around house. Introduce it into the cage and slowly roll it towards the parakeet. Immediately you will notice parakeet reaching out and feeling the chopstick or skewer with its beak. When it does this, make sure that you reward the parakeet with a treat. Keep doing this until the parakeet realizes that it will be rewarded each time it touches the stick. Then move the stick to different areas of the cage and repeat the process.

Another simple trick to teach a parakeet is making it step over your finger. This can again be taught with the help of a chopstick or skewer. Use the same method above, but hold your finger instead of the stick. Each time the parakeet touches your finger with its beak, reward it. Once it knows that it will be rewarded, it will start doing the touching with more enthusiasm. Then slowly encourage the parakeet to step over your finger and reward it only when it accomplishes this.

Similarly, using rewards and treats, you can teach your pet parakeet many things and train it.

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