Parakeet Breeding For Beginners

Parakeet Breeding For Beginners

If you have a pair of parakeets, you might be interested in breeding them. Before you begin this, make sure that your pair is at least one year old. Also, both the male and female should be healthy and not have any ailments or defects. It is only then you can become a successful breeder.

Here are some tips for parakeet breeding for beginners that you will find extremely useful:

First of all get a cage for the pair. The cage should be a minimum of 20 inches X 20 inches X 20 inches in dimensions. It should also have a nestbox made out of wood. The nestbox should be a minimum of 12 inches X 12 inches in size. You can place the nestbox at the bottom of the cage to prevent the legs of the parakeet from splaying. Also, line the nestbox with wood shavings.

When you want to breed your parakeets, make sure that you give them optimum nutrition. This means feeding them a diet that is rich is nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Feed your birds with seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables and high grade bird pellets. Also, provide them supplements of calcium to facilitate the development of the eggs. Also, it will help the parakeet get back the calcium it loses during the egg making process. Instead of calcium supplement, you can also give your parakeet a cuttlebone to gnaw on.

Immediately after the mating, the female will start laying the eggs. You should expect around 4 to 8 eggs in a clutch. Once all the eggs are laid, the parakeet will start incubating them. The eggs should hatch anywhere between the 17th day and 20th day of incubation.

It is advisable to let the parents take care of the chicks until they are ready to be weaned. You can start weaning the chicks by the time they are 6 weeks old. During this period, you should handle them so that they get used to humans and being touched by them. This facilitates the parakeets to become good pets when they grow up.

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Parakeet Breeding For Beginners