Parakeet Health Problems  

Parakeets make wonderful pets. They are small birds and do not cost that much money to look after. In addition, their bright and colorful plumage and friendly disposition make them one of the best exotic pets to have. However, just like any other pets, even parakeets have their own health problems that you need to avoid.

Some parakeet health problems that seem to afflict the birds are skin problems, mites and upper respiratory infections. It has been seen that the health problems can develop complications if they are not treated. Some of the common health problems that parakeets suffer from are as follows:

Scaly face is a skin condition that develops when a parakeet is infested with knemidokoptes mites. The skin around the legs, cere, vent and eyelids get white encrustations due to the mite infestation.

Parakeets are also prone to tumors that can develop in any part of the body. These tumors are known as papilloma and appear as elevated bumps or abrasions that are crusted over.

Another skin problem that afflicts the foot of a parakeet is the bumblefoot. This occurs due to strange ways of perching that results in the skin developing sores and getting inflamed. It can also develop due to lack of Vitamin A, being inactive or being obese.

Parakeets can also get giarda infestation in the intestines. This infestation can cause extreme itching of the skin and if it is severe, the parakeet may even end up pulling out its feathers to relieve the itching.

One health problem that can be quite contagious among parakeets is the French moult. This is caused by a virus known as polyomavirus and results in the bird losing its tail feathers and secondary feathers.

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Parakeet Health Problems




Parakeet-Illness-Symptoms      Parakeets can suffer from several health problems brought on mites, parasitic infestations, viruses, vitamin deficiency and even dirty and unclean cages and perches. In order to ensure that your parakeet does not suffer from any health problems, you should look after it and give it a balanced diet. More..




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Parakeet Health Problems )
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