Parakeet Illness Symptoms  

Parakeets can suffer from several health problems brought on mites, parasitic infestations, viruses, vitamin deficiency and even dirty and unclean cages and perches. In order to ensure that your parakeet does not suffer from any health problems, you should look after it and give it a balanced diet.

Also, if you know parakeet illness symptoms, you can get timely medical treatment to help your bird recover. On the whole, parakeets are quite resilient and seldom fall ill. However, when they do, you should immediately take your pet to an avian vet. Also, sometimes even with proper precautions, parakeets can fall ill and that is why it is important to know parakeet illness symptoms.

One of the first signs of an illness in a parakeet is changes in its behavior. If your bird all of a sudden shows no interest in doing things it liked to do before, then it is a cause for worry. Also, when a parakeet is ill, it will not want to be caught and will not want to play with its toys.

The next thing to check is the appearance of the bird. If the bird is looking all fluffed up, having its eye closed and sticking its head into its feathers, then it is definitely not feeling well and you should immediately take your parakeet to an avian vet.

Another parakeet illness symptom is its posture. A healthy bird will always be standing or perching on its perch. However, an ill bird will be sitting or lying down. Also, its tail will be hanging rather than being upright.

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Parakeet Illness Symptoms




Taking-Care-Of-Parakeets      Parakeets make excellent and outstanding pets as they are not only smart, they are also extremely friendly and social. They can be taught to say words and can be quite entertaining when they are up to their antics. Looking after a parakeet is much easier than taking care of a bigger sized parrot, but you should know how to take care of your pet parakeet to ensure longevity and good health. Also, proper care will ensure that you have a happy and friendly bird on your hands. More..




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