Taking Care Of Parakeets

Taking Care Of Parakeets

Parakeets make excellent and outstanding pets as they are not only smart, they are also extremely friendly and social. They can be taught to say words and can be quite entertaining when they are up to their antics. Looking after a parakeet is much easier than taking care of a bigger sized parrot, but you should know how to take care of your pet parakeet to ensure longevity and good health. Also, proper care will ensure that you have a happy and friendly bird on your hands.

When getting a parakeet as a pet, one of the first things that you should get is a cage. However, make sure that the cage is big enough for the bird to fly from one end to another. Also, the cage should have intersecting bars so that your bird can climb up and down the cage.

Line the cage with a covering made out of grit. This will prevent the bird's claws and beak from getting sharp as it will be pecking at the grit and walking on it. Do remember to clean the perch at least once a week with help of some hot water. This will get rid of the dirt and also prevent the bird from getting any infection.

When the bird is going to sleep, it is important that the cage is covered with a lightweight cloth. This will make the bird feel safe and secure, but not stop air circulation.

Besides this, give your bird a lot of toys to play with. Parakeets love to play with bells, rings, balls and swings. You can have these in the cage. It will not only give them exercise, it will also keep them busy. You can also place a mirror in the cage. This will keep the bird busy, especially if you have a single bird. It will think that there is another bird each time it looks at its reflection.

Pay close attention to what you feed the bird. Give the bird a lot of millet seeds to each. However, do not neglect its calcium needs. Give it calcium supplement or a cuttlebone to gnaw at. In addition, you should feed your bird fresh fruits and vegetables, but do not go overboard with them.

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Taking Care Of Parakeets