Types Of Parakeets

Types Of Parakeets

Many people who love to keep birds as pets prefer parakeets. They are small birds that are intelligent and friendly companions. They can keep you entertained for hours with their antics and also show their love and affection for you. However, what many people do not realize there are many different types of parakeets.

Some of the different types of parakeets are as follows:

Elegant parakeet is around eight and a half inches in length. It is usually yellowish olive in color and has a blue band running on the top of its head and along the outer edge of the wings. The males are brighter in color than the females.

King parakeets are available in two sizes. One is 15 inches in length, while the other type is 16.5 inches in length. This parakeet has a red body and green wings. The female has a pale green breast and head.

Mulga parakeet is another type of parakeet that is quite colorful in appearance. Its body is green, the forehead is yellow, the lower breast is red and yellow in color, and the outer edges of the wings are blue in color. The male is brighter than the female.

Paradise parakeets are 10.5 inches in length. They have bright green cheeks, throat and breast, while the sides are blue-green in color. The forehead, outer wing and under the tail is red in color. The feathers around the eyes are yellow in color. Again the male is much brighter in color compared to the female.

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Types Of Parakeets