Different Kinds Of Parrots

Different Kinds Of Parrots

Did you know that about three hundred and thirty different species of parrots that have been discovered the world over? If you have decided to buy a parrot and keep it a as pet, you might get very confused in trying to figure out which parrot species would be perfect for you.

If you are looking for parrots that can mimic just about everyone and anyone, you can choose an African Grey parrot. It is considered to be the most intelligent of its type. Their mimicry skills have impressed many. They are generally medium to large in size.

The Amazon parrots on the other hand have a very loud vocal cord. Their beautiful coloration makes them stand out from the rest. Their body is green whereas their heads, tails and wings are differently colored with red, yellow and blue hues.

Cocktails native to Australia are large sized birds. They can talk with a lot of ease. So if you are looking for a buddy that can give you company, these birds could be just perfect.

If you have a lot of time to spend, you can buy cockatoos. These large sized parrots have a characteristic ability to lift up their feathers present on the backs of their heads and necks. They require a lot of personal attention and care.

Extremely talkative and active, these parts can be perfect pets for people who do not mind constant chattering and sounds. They are known for damaging and chewing on wood, furniture, etc. so be careful with these species.

Parakeets are small in size. They are known for their poor socializing abilities and may take a long time to bond with you.

So decide what type of parrot you want and buy accordingly.

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Different Kinds Of Parrots