What Do Parrots Eat ? In The Rainforest ?  

Rainforests are known to house a huge variety of fauna and flora. Parrots like other birds flourish in the dense trees of the rainforests. With fruits and seeds of countless plants available to feed on, parrots thrive in these habitats.

These lovely creatures are found in various sizes and shapes. You can spot a pygmy parrot, which is about nine centimeters in size and weighs just half an ounce. You can also spot a huge parrot species weighing 1.4 kgs and can be as big as 1 meter! If their size variations surprises you, read on to discover their different habits and characteristics.

They are fiercely monogamous although some species are known to be polygamous too. Most of them seldom go in search for another partner. If one partner dies, the other generally lives a life of solitude. The Southeast Asian parrots are famous for sleeping upside down like bats.

You can easily distinguish a male from a female by the beautiful coloration on their feathers. These colors are solely meant to attract a female for mating. But their beautiful feathers have also become a main reason for increased illegal trade. Human greed coupled with massive loss of their rainforest habitat has lead to the extinction of many species. Others are listed as endangered and a few others are being bred in captivity.

Their primary diet consist of seeds, grass, leaves, fruits, plant shoots, etc. Insects and grubs are also important constituents in their diet. These foods are rich in proteins and vitamins essential for the growth and development of parrots. They make use of their powerful curved beak to cut open fruits and eat seeds. Their legs are specifically designed for climbing.

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What Do Parrots Eat ? In The Rainforest ?




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What Do Parrots Eat ? In The Rainforest ? )
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