Difference Between A Buzzard And A Vulture  

A buzzard and a vulture have different meanings in North America and Europe. In fact they are often confused with each other. Generally in Britain and other parts of the world, hawks are named as “buzzards”. These birds have feathers covering their heads and necks.

The American black vulture and Turkey vulture come under this category. Their beaks are curved and shorter in length when compared to vultures. These beaks are specifically designed to help the bird fly rapidly at a fast pace. These birds are known to migrate from one place to another for breeding purposes.

Whereas in United States, the word “buzzard” automatically refers to chicken hawks, Red tailed hawks and Cooper’s hawk. They are often mistaken as hawks and killed illegally. This has caused a considerable decrease in their number. Mice can cause a lot of damage to farms and crops. These birds love to feed on mice, and can be very useful to farmers.

Vultures on the other hand are characterized with a bald head and neck. They have a longer beak when compared to buzzards. They do not migrate like buzzards. Vultures are also bigger in size. They cannot move very quickly like buzzards but have a typical gliding movement. They are also known for their good eating habits. These birds very rarely eat in a messy manner. Buzzards on the other hand are known to completely dirty themselves up.

So the next time you get confused between a vulture and a buzzard, observe the aforementioned points and you can easily differentiate between the two.

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Difference Between A Buzzard And A Vulture




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