Symptoms Of Cat Dying  

If you have a pet cat and it is rather old, then you only wish would be that you cat dies in peace without suffering too much. While a old cat can pass away in its sleep, a cat that is sick or injured grievously will show many symptoms of dying well before it actually passes away.

Some of the symptoms of a cat dying are as follows:

  • Just before a cat is going to die, it tries to hide away. You might suddenly find your cat trying to get under the bed or into a closet. This is basically a primeval instinct as the cat knows it is weak and wants to stay away from potential predators.
  • A few weeks before a cat dies, it will have behavioral change. All of a sudden a friendly cat will turn aggressive and start hissing, biting or scratching as though it is in pain. Or, the cat may not use its litter when it wants to relieve itself.
  • The next symptom of a cat dying is its breathing. If you hear a gurgle-like sound in the chest, or you notice that the breathing has turned slow, then you can be sure that the time has come quite close.
  • As a cat is about to pass away, it tends to show lethargy. It will find it difficult to walk, jump or even turn while lying down.
  • If you notice your cat not wanting to eat or drink water, then the end is quite near.
  • Another sign that the cat is about to die is its sleep pattern. A cat whose end is near will sleep continuously right through the day, waking up for a couple of minutes before going back to sleep.

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Symptoms Of Cat Dying




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