What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like ?

What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like ?

While we call the cat Himalayan, the name is actually a misnomer. This breed of cat is a Persian cat which has the body markings of a Siamese cat and the facial features and body type of a Persian cat. The cat also has a personality that is a perfect blend of both the breeds -- the Siamese and the Persian.

Usually Himalayan cat is quite a gentle breed that is affectionate and loves to play and be active. However, it still has the idiosyncrasies of a Siamese, and this can make the cat a little eccentric.

The first Himalayan cat was produced by mating a Persian cat and a Siamese cat. However, today for a Himalayan cat to be considered a pure breed, both the parents have to also be Himalayan. In addition, the pure breed has to have blue colored eyes and the coloring of the coat should be restricted just to the face, paws, ears and tail.

A Himalayan cat can come in a variety of colors. It can have a white body or a fawn colored body with extremities that are flame, lilac, blue, cream, seal or chocolate in color. Some times, the colors can be in a combination like blue and cream, lilac and cream, chocolate and lynx, or seal and lynx.

The face and nose of the cat is flat, while the body is short and solid. The legs are rather small in comparison. The cat has long fur that is quite silky to touch. Because of its fur, the cat tends to look fat, but this is far from the truth. A Himalayan is anything but fat.

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What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like