What Table Food Can Cats Eat ?

What Table Food Can Cats Eat ?

Taking into consideration the way prices are rising of commodities, it makes more sense to make your cat's food at home. This way you will save quite a bit and be assured that you cat is getting the best possible nourishment. However, you might be wondering what table food can cats eat. You may want to read on as this will ensure that the table food you give your cat is safe for it.

If you have lean meat, then is quite safe for the cat to eat. While cats love tuna, you may want to avoid overfeeding your cat with tuna because of high levels of mercury tuna is known to contain. But, you can give your cat moderate amounts, but not on a daily basis. This is primarily because canned tuna does not have the minerals or vitamins that a cat requires.

Do not give you cat onions, chives, onion powder, garlic or mushrooms. These are highly toxic for cats. In addition, do not feed your cat any candies, chewing gum or baked food items as they can damage the liver of the cat and also lead to vomiting and losing coordination.

Also, refrain from feeding your cat foods like raw eggs, potatoes, grapes, raisins, chocolates, coffee, tea, bones, fat, and rhubarb. Many of these items are either toxic or lead to problems associated with the heart, kidney, digestive tract, muscles or the nervous system. In addition, it might come as a surprise to you most cats as adult suffer from lactose intolerance. So, if you can is also intolerant to lactose, do not feed it anything that contains milk.

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What Table Food Can Cats Eat