What To Feed Old Cats ?

What To Feed Old Cats ?

If you have a cat, then you should know that its nutritional needs will change as it ages. If you feed your cat correctly, you prolong its life by several years and also ensure that diseases do not progress rapidly. So, if you have an old cat, you should know what to feed it.

Basically, an old cat needs food that is nutritious also one that can be digested easily. Do decrease your cat's calories. An adult cat requires the same amount of calories right through its entire life. However, by the time a cat reaches middle age, which at the age of six to eight years, it will tend to get obese. But, by the time reaches ten, it will not get obese if it did not gain weight previously.

Also, older cats find it difficult to digest and absorb fat. Therefore, you need to make sure that you provide your cat with fat that it can digest while fulfilling its energy demands. For this, you may have to keep an eye on the cat's weight and accordingly make adjustments to its diet.

In addition, older cats need to be given protein as it helps to strengthen their immune system. You should only think about restricting its protein if you cat has a health problem that does not allow it to eat proteins.

In addition, older cats should be given vitamin supplements. This is especially true if you cat does not eat adequate amounts. If cats do not eat sufficient food, they will have deficiency of certain vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, electrolytes and also minerals. Make sure you check with your vet as to what supplements you should be giving your cat.

Generally old cats will have some or the other health-related problem. So, if you cat has diabetes, constipation or colitis, then make sure you feed it a lot of dietary fiber. Cats who suffer from IBD or colitis need to protein, fat and carbohydrates. While cats with heart problems need to given food that is low on sodium, but high on proteins that can be digested easily.

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What To Feed Old Cats