How Much Do Abyssinian Kittens Cost

How Much Do Abyssinian Kittens Cost ?

Abyssinian cats make ideal pets for those who have the time for playing and caring for their pets. They are lovable due to their intelligence and curiosity. They are muscular, longish in their stature and weigh about 8 to 12 pounds. The coat is medium or short and comes in many colors. The specialty of this coat is the ticking effect that it has along the spine line. The color is dark in the roots and gets lighter in the ends. Almost blackish color is common in the UK while reddish or ruddy is common in other places.

The features include a wedge shaped face, eyes shaped like almonds, long and broad based tail and big tufts of hair in their ears.

Other colors that have been created and gaining popularity include blue, fawn, sorrel lilac, tortoise shell and red. The kittens born to the Abyssinian cats have a dark coat at the time of birth which tends to lighten with the passage of time.

The cost that the Abyssinian kittens fetch depends largely on the breeder. It can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for normal Abyssinian kittens. The show quality variety is more expensive in comparison with the normal kittens.

The cost includes expenses incurred by the breeder in procedures like screening the health, vaccination, de-worming, getting the kitten to socialize as early as possible in order to make it have a sound temperament and possess an affectionate nature. Such breeders will also provide advice and support to the buyer. The breeder will also provide guarantee to the buyer on the health of the kitten purchased.

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How Much Do Abyssinian Kittens Cost