What Is The Best Abyssinian Cat Diet

What Is The Best Abyssinian Cat Diet ?

Abyssinian cats make wonderful pets for owners who have he time to spend in caring and playing with them. They are popular due to their affectionate nature and intelligence. These cats have a graceful appearance due to their features and the tickling effect of the coat along the spine- line. They have a slender stature, almond shaped eyes, long and broad based tail, tufts of hair in the ears and a wedge-shaped face. The ancient Egyptian culture regarded Abyssinian cats as a mystical figure. This breed of cats will require specific care for maintaining their health.

With regards to food, these cats require feeding thrice a day when they are lesser than a year old. After that they will require only two meals of sufficient proportion. These cats are very specific of their likes and dislikes for food. The owner will have to take the cue for a change in the cat formula if the pet has not eaten its food within 10 minutes of being served. These felines will need sufficient quantity of fresh water also.

Food like red meat, kidney, lamb heart, chuck steak or beef with gravy goes well with their taste. If the pet is fed with white meat, then the owner should choose the meat of rabbit or chicken. Although it is believed that these cats like cheese, they might find it difficult to digest certain ingredients in the dairy products.

Milk is found to cause damage to their gastro-intestinal organs. The owner can purchase milk and dairy products from the pet-store which are digestible by cats.

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What Is The Best Abyssinian Cat Diet