What Is The Price Of Birman Cat

What Is The Price Of Birman Cat ?

It is believed that the Birman cat has its origins in Burma. It is believed that a pair of this breed was taken under the care of two men who assisted the temple of the sun-goddess when it was attacked. Although the male did not survive the journey, the female did. Since she was pregnant, the legacy continued. The cat was cross-bred in order to redevelop this breed. In 1966, Birman cats were accepted as a registered breed in the registry of the CFA. This feline is affectionate, charming, playful and curious.

Well bred Birman cats can be purchased in pet-stores, rescue organizations and shelters. Often breeders sell their Birman cats at cheap prices after they retire from the show-careers at the age of 2 to 5 years. Many adults prefer grown cats since they are easy to keep them engaged. They are also good in socializing owing to their exposure to cat-shows. For a kitten in the Midwest, the cost could be almost $600 while a show or breeder variety can cost $800 to $1,500.

The cost is mainly attributed to the investment that the breeder makes in developing the cattery. The running costs in the 5 years of its show-career are not included. This could in itself prove heavy for the owner’s pocket.

The costs in having a Birman cat for a pet include purchase cost for a quality bred cat, providing proper facilities, procuring food, payment of fees for stud services, showing the cat in championships, catering for routine or emergency veterinary check-ups, breeding them and so on.

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What Is The Price Of Birman Cat