How Much Does Chartreux Cat Cost

How Much Does Chartreux Cat Cost ?

The breed of Chartreux is muscular and large sized. They have fine-boned limbs and big sized paws as well. They are very attractive, have good reflexes, make good hunters, intelligent and alert. They have a coat which is slightly bluish in color, expressive and sharp golden or copper colored eyes, and erect ears. Their uniqueness lies in their long and tapering muzzle which gives an impression of the cat smiling. Hence the alternate name, ‘smiling cat’.

The cat requires lot of care which the owner should be ready to give if the feline is to be brought home. This breed does not require too much effort in maintaining them, but their needs should be met and proper care should be provided. One should consult the rest of the family members before making a purchase. If the owner already has other pets, their ability to accept another new member should be known in order to avoid any adjustment troubles.

Some things that should be procured for them are good quality cat-food, inexpensive toys for entertaining them in play-time, scratching posts for fulfilling their desire to scratch, and periodical trips to the vet for proper care for their health.

This breed is rare and the breeders often have long waiting lists of almost 4 to 8 months for the kittens. Older Chratreux cats cost lesser and make excellent pets. One should do extensive research with different breeders regarding the various bloodlines available before making a purchase of a kitten for shows or breeding. The cost for these kittens could range from $800 to $1,000.

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How Much Does Chartreux Cat Cost