What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like

What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like ?

The Himalayan cats have a mixed lineage from Persian and Siamese ancestors. This was bred in the 1950s, and by 1980, the Cat Fanciers Association put them back in the category of Persian breed calling them ‘the color point Persian’.

The most striking feature of this breed is the blue colored eyes. These cats have a round and large head with a thick neck, short legs with rounded feet and short ears. The cats in the show category have flattened muzzles, broad and large boned body. These cats have long and flowing coat or medium and thick coat. The flatness of the face causes teary eyes in these cats which will require cleaning by the owner.

The coat appears luxurious and comes in many colors like blue, bluish cream, chocolate, lilac, cream, lilac cream, flame, tortie, seal, blue lynx, cream lynx, chocolate lynx point, chocolate tortie lynx point, cream lynx, flame lynx, lilac lynx, and seal tortie lynx.

The characteristic feature of the coat in this breed is that the coat appears in a specific color and patches are of another color which is often contrasting. This makes them appear very attractive. These patches are not spread all over the coat. Instead they are limited to areas like the face, legs, genitals and feet.

Due to in-breeding, this feline comes with many genetically passed down disorders and joint problems. The long coat also is a hindrance if not groomed regularly. The cat will tend to lick the coat which may cause ingestion of hair into the digestive tract causing difficulty in digestion and breathing.

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What Does A Himalayan Cat Look Like