Behaviour Of Maine Coon Cats

Behaviour Of Maine Coon Cats

Maine coon cats are felines that are intelligent cats known by other names also some which are still in use and some which are not. American coon cat, Coonie, American Snughead, Maine cat, American long-hair, Maine trick cat, American Shag and American forest cat are few names.

The intelligence of this feline allows the owners to train them like dogs. They can be taught tricks and also asked to fetch. They play this well since they have good amount of dexterity in their front paws. They pick up objects and even manage to open cup-boards when required with their paws. They can even learn to turn the tap on. Unlike other felines, they eat more often with their paws than from the bowl.

Their noise is also characteristic. Instead of a meow, they purr and meow which sounds like a distinct way of communication. They enjoy playing hide and seek at odd hours of the night as well.

Another game that fascinates them is with dripping water from taps. When bored, they try to take a drink directly from the dripping tap. One should keep the toilet seats closed lest they play fetching their toys from the water right in the toilet.

These felines should be engaged in playtime since they need exercising and this allows for better bonding with the owner as well. They show their boredom by jumping onto the tables, fridge or desk and pushing things down.

They are friendly but not cuddly. This independent cat will follow the owner and sit by their side. They do not crave for attention but just enjoy being around.

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Behaviour Of Maine Coon Cats