Life Expectancy Of Maine Coon Cat  

Maine coon cats are regarded as the state cat of Maine. There are several theories regarding the way in which this cat reached the shores of America. But as far as the history is concerned, many believe that these cats were first seen in the state of Maine in New England. It is regarded as the oldest cat in America. They are recognized by most cat organizations and also allowed to participate in shows.

These long haired felines come in most of the normal colors with patterns on them for their coat. The most common color and associated pattern is the brown tabby. The water resistant coat makes it easy for the owner since they do not get knotted. Grooming will be required when they shed their coat in spring fall. Most Maine coons have gold, green or a combination of these colors for their eye color.

While the average male weighs around 12 to 18 pounds, the female weighs around 10 to 14 pounds. This breed has a life-span of almost 9 to 15 years and can be longer if it is kept indoors.

The main characteristic of this breed is the rectangular shape and big boned structure. It has a bushy and long tail. The feet of the feline are usually white colored. This cat is muscular and has a heavy fur owing to the weather conditions it had to sustain in Maine. Despite its size, it is gentle, playful and quiet. They prefer following the owner than cuddle in their lap. Their voice is high pitched and they have a way of finding their way into all places.

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Life Expectancy Of Maine Coon Cat




Maine Coon And Grooming      The Maine Coon cats are known for their fuzzy and furry tails. More often people feel that the cat is lesser prominent compared to the tail. These felines groom themselves well. They still enjoy grooming especially if they are show-cats. They have a coat which is water resistant and which does not shed frequently. They need care and grooming in the spring-fall when they usually shed their coat. More..




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Life Expectancy Of Maine Coon Cat )
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